DW-216 (73 x 19)
DW-216 (73 x 19)
DW-216 (73 x 19)
DW-216 (73 x 19)

DW-216 (73 x 19)

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The DW-216 is an elongated rectangular sink measuring ~73 inches wide which can accommodate two people using it simultaneously. This product is fabricated from a stone resin composite for increased durability and safety. All of our stone resin products are hypoallergenic. The non-porous material allows for easy care and maintenance.

The solidity of the stone resin composite allows for increased insulation, which in turn allows hot water to stay hot much longer. DW-216 stone resin sink is available with a matte or glossy finish.

Item #:
Product Size (inches): 72-27/32 L x 18-29/32 W x 3-15/16 H Inches
Material: Solid Surface/Stone Resin
Color / Finish: Matte White (Glossy Optional)
Product Weight: 85 lbs


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