Stone Resin Care & Maintenance

We offer two types of finishes: Matte and Glossy.

Soapy water will remove most dirt and grime from both types of finishes. However, each finish requires slightly different techniques to remove difficult stains and minor scratches.

The following recommendations will help you properly care for your stone resin bathroom fixture.

Daily Care:

Daily cleaning for our matte & glossy finish products require nothing more than wiping of your surfaces with non-abrasive cleaning agents such as glass cleaners like Windex, soapy water, or a damp cloth, many of our customers also use Mr. Clean's magic eraser. Please refrain from using hard chemicals to clean as they can compromise the integrity of your fixture.

Removing Minor Stains and Scratches:

Matte: Begin by using a damp cloth remove the excess dirt or grime from the surface. Use an 800 grit sandpaper and sand lightly back-and-forth in one direction. Wipe the excess material and dry with a clean rag to see if the stain/scratch has been removed.

Glossy: Restore the glossy finish by polishing the surface with a compound such as 3M Rubbing Compound or G3 polishing compound.

We also offer repair kits available for both of our finishes. Repair kits are to be used for more moderate scratches or small chips. If you are in need of a repair kit, please email us your order number and a picture of the damage so that an ADM Bathroom® specialist can assess the damage and give further instructions.