Use Contrast to Make Your Bathroom Modern

Contrast brings out the finer details of any room. Modern home design has exploded over the past ten years. There have been advancements in construction methods that have lowered the prices for everything from hardwood flooring to bathroom fixtures. There are now more options than ever before when it comes time to remodeling your home because the prices have gone down. One of the places with the most options available is bathroom design. 

There are so many different bathroom fixtures currently available, it can become difficult to decide what to do to remodel your bathroom. If you are going for more of a modern look to your bathroom, there is one trend that has become extremely popular. Creating contrast is what you should focus on to make your bathroom look great.  

Traditional bathrooms tend to be designed to have the same color tones throughout. You often see white bathtubs and vanities in bathrooms with light-colored walls paired with light-colored floors. While this may be ideal for some people, others want their bathrooms to appear more modern. Modern design is where creating contrast comes into play. 

Abandoning the idea of making your fixtures match your walls and floors will help with modernizing your bathroom. You don’t want your bathroom fixtures to blend in, you want them to stand out. The best way to make your fixtures stand out is to use contrasting colors when designing your bathroom. 

There are several ways that you can create more contrast in your bathroom. One of the best ways is to install grey or neutral-colored flooring. This is especially true if you are going to install white or lighter colored fixtures. Neutral or grey colored flooring will bring out the accents in your tub. Of course, if you want your bathroom to be modern, you should consider installing a freestanding bathtub.

ADM Bathroom® has plentof bathtub options for you to choose from. 

When you install a freestanding bathtub, more of your floor is exposed. When more of your floor is exposed, it is easier to create more contrast in your bathroom. When there is more contrast, your bathtub will not only stand out but it will also help bring more attention to your floors. Another way to create contrast is to go with a neutral-colored floor and install something bold like ADM Bathroom® SW-105R all red tub. It will stand out like no other tub. Its bold red color is available in both a matte and glossy finish. 

Modern design is all about drawing attention to nice lines that connect with a purpose. One of the best ways to draw attention to your bathroom is to have contrast throughout your room. Whether you decide on a white freestanding bathtub or a grey/neutral toned floor, ADM Bathroom® has something that will work for you. 

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