Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Modern Look

Here at ADM Bathroom®, we believe in creating a simple yet modern style bathroom. Each and every bathroom should be unique from its design to its use. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help give your dream bathroom a modern look and style while staying budget-friendly.

Ditch the built-in bathtub

First and foremost, it’s time to get rid of your traditional built-in tub while replacing it with a freestanding bathtub. The centerpiece of your bathroom tends to be your bathtub which means you need to pick a unique looking freestanding bathtub. Here at ADM Bathroom®, we have a large variety of different freestanding bathtubs that come in various sizes and styles. No matter the size of your bathroom, ADM Bathroom® has a choice that can work for you.

Get rid of your acrylic shower

Acrylic showers are not only outdated but also tend to not be as stylish as shower panel systems. Shower panels are easy to install while giving you a large number of shower possibilities. If you go with a high-quality shower panel from ADM Bathroom®, then you can choose from an overhead rainfall or maybe a nice body side spray. In all our shower panels we use the highest quality stone resin which adds both to durability but also longevity of your shower panels.

Say goodbye to your vanity sinks

It may also be time to shy away from recessed/vanity sinks and look towards a more modern look. Modern home design is all about creating more space and highlighting the style of your home.

Instead, you should consider installing a wall-mounted sink, a freestanding sink, or a countertop sink. These types of sinks will not only become a centerpiece of your bathroom but, also creates the perceived appearance of more space in your bathroom.

Create contrast

If you want to maximize the appearance of your bathroom fixtures, then you should also look to make them stand out. To make this happen, start by creating a contrast between your fixtures and your floor. If you are going with white bathroom fixtures, then install a darker colored tile floor which will help to enhance the look of white bathroom fixtures.

If you want to get the modern themed bathroom of your dreams, then let the experts at ADM Bathroom® help. From a large variety of options, sizes, and styles, we are always here to give recommendations or advice.

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