The Benefits of Countertop Sinks

A countertop sink is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a sink basin that sits on top of a counter instead of being installed into a wall, vanity, or standing separately on a pedestal.  Counter top sinks are useful and interesting.  They are very versatile and work well with a variety of different bathroom styles.  If you are looking for a practical sink that adds style to your bathroom it is hard to beat the multiple benefits of a counter top sink. 

Very Practical 

Unlike other modern styles of basins, countertop sinks are very practical.  Pedestal and wall mounted sinks add a unique style to any bathroom.  However, they aren’t very practical.  On the other hand, traditional vanity sinks are very practical but are often lacking in uniqueness and usually aren’t the best choice if you want a modern style bathroom.   

Countertop sinks allow you to have the best of both worlds.  Countertop sinks are more modern than your traditional vanity and they allow you to have more storage space than pedestal or wall mounted sinks.  The countertops that they are installed on often have extra storage space underneath.  And because they are on top of a counter, they are usually installed at a comfortable height unlike other kinds of sink basins.   

Countertop sinks also tend to have higher sides than other basins.  The added height helps prevent excess water from spilling out of the sink basin and onto the counter.  Countertop sinks are also more spacious than other types of sinks and can be used for a wide range of applications. 

Multiple Style Options 

Countertop sinks are available in a wide range of options.  If you are going for a period look to your bathroom, you can choose a countertop sink that looks like an old-fashioned washbowl.  It looks like a washbowl is just sitting on top of your bathroom counter.   

If you are going for a modern look, it is easy to choose a sink basin that is installed on top of a modern style table or counter.  The multiple styles that are available with countertop sinks make them very versatile.  Depending on what type of style you are looking for your bathroom, there is a countertop sink that will fit in perfectly.  

Another benefit of owning a countertop sink is they are not limited to a certain material type.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from almost any material if it has finished edges.  Your sink can be made from glass, copper, marble, tin, etc.  Also, it can be round, square, triangular, etc.  The options are almost endless when choosing the type of countertop sink you want. 


Countertop sinks are some of the easiest types of basins to install.  Countertop sinks don’t have to be mounted to a wall and their pipes don’t have to be hidden behind the sheetrock.  You also don’t have to worry about your vanity cabinets being the correct size for your sink basin.  All you need is a table or object with a hole in the top that is large enough for a drain. 

You only need a small hole for the drain because you have numerous options for choosing the countertop you want your sink basin to sit on.  You can choose a regular style bathroom countertop, or you can decide on something that is as small as a nightstand. Just like the style of the sink basin itself, you have numerous choices for your countertop.  You can choose almost any surface if it has a small hole in the top and is strong enough to support the weight of your sink basin.  


Countertop sinks are an excellent way to enhance the look of your bathroom.  They fit perfectly in with both modern and traditional style bathrooms. Countertop sinks have several practical benefits over other types of sinksThese sinks are made from multiple types of materials and come in numerous shapes and sizes. The fact that the installation is much easier than other types of sink basins, it is no wonder that countertop sinks are so popular. 

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