Life is Made Easy with Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit

Life Made Easy with ADM Bathroom® Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit

If you think choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom is the hard part, then just wait until installation time. If you decide that you want your bathroom to be unique and choose to install a freestanding tub, then chances are you are going to need some plumbing help. Well, that’s why our Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit was developed.

Freestanding Bathtubs are Breathtaking

Simply put, freestanding bathtubs are amazing. They look great, and you can pretty much put them anywhere in your bathroom or studio. In the past, it was difficult to accurately hook up the draining system of your freestanding bathtub, but we are determined to make that a problem of the past.

Once you decide where you want to install your new freestanding tub, locate the area on the floor where the drain needs to be. Simply trace around the circular template provided, and then cut the subfloor. Run the existing bathtub drain to the hole and simply drop the metal deck flange from your Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit into place.

Make sure not to cut the brass tailpiece from the tub but instead apply lubricant around the exposed end of the shaft. Next, peel back the sticker from the top of the metal deck flange in the floor, and remove the snap-off top. Following that, simply place the brass tailpiece sticking out from the bottom of the tub through the metal deck flange and into the silicone compression slot as you place your tub in its predetermined spot. Now hook up your water, and your freestanding bathtub will be fully functional.

Increased Installation Options

What if you have a concrete slab floor and you want a freestanding bathtub? Don’t want to tear up the ceiling to install a bathtub on the second floor? Do you have small or no crawl spaces? No problem!

The Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit makes it easier than ever to install plumbing in slab floors. Instead of having to tear up the entire floor, you simply cut out a square box in the concrete in the area you have designated for your drain. Next, connect the metal deck flange to the existing plumbing. Then fill up the remaining area of the square hole around the metal deck flange with new concrete. Once the concrete is dry, you will be ready to easily install your freestanding bathtub.

What about that new bathroom on the second floor? Is the room below destined to be decommissioned until the new bathroom is complete? Not with the Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit. Instead of destroying the ceiling of the room underneath your bathroom, the Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit allows you to simply access the existing piping by cutting a small hole in the subfloor. Your ceilings no longer must live in fear of your new freestanding bathtub.

High Quality, Great Design

The Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit is made from the highest quality materials to ensure that it lasts for the life of your freestanding tub. The seamless design makes it easy to see why more and more people are using it to simplify the freestanding tub installation process.

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