Let Red Steal the Show!

Let Red Steal the Show!

Designing or renovating your bathroom can be a very exciting project that adds to the style of your home and increases its value. One of the hottest trends in design is to go with a modern look not only in the feature areas of your home like the kitchen and living rooms but also in the bathrooms. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guest, then you need to install the perfect tub that not only goes along with the modern or contemporary theme of your home but one that also stands out and demands the attention of every visitor. You need a freestanding tub like ADM Bathroom® SW-105R (click here).

Bold Color 

One of the biggest characteristics of this current modern theme is to use a minimalist design in your home, including your bathrooms. A modern themed bathroom looks sleek and smooth. And to prevent your minimalist design from turning cold, use a bold rich color to bring about the light of the room. And that is exactly what the SW-105R does. 

Another popular theme for modern styled bathrooms is to use contrasting colors so your fixtures will stand out. The vibrant red color of the SW-105R will create strong contrast when it is installed on top of a white or light-color floor. The SW-105R comes in two different finishes. You can choose to have the rich red color of the SW-105R shine with a glossy finish, or you can choose the matte option to really show off the character of its stone resin build. No matter what finish you choose, the bold red color of the SW-105R will be hard to miss. 

Bold Design 

Another way to avoid your modern styled bathroom from turning cold is to go with a freestanding tub that has a unique shape. Well, this bathtub doesn’t only have a rich, bold color, but it also has a distinct shape that separates it from the rest of your bathroom. The half egg style of the SW-105R is both elegant and bold. The round curves of its underside help to make your bathroom look larger, and enhance the appearance of your bathroom floor. 

Bold Fixtures 

The SW-105R has a bold color and a bold design. It doesn’t end there. You can customize the bathroom even more with a bathtub filler and a complimentary pop-up drain. The pop-up drain is available in standard chrome or matching resin color. And just like the pop-up drain, you have several different color options when choosing your bathtub filler. You can choose between chrome, satin nickel, matte black or glossy white free-standing bathtub filler to match the color of your pop-up drain or accent it. 


The SW-105R is made from a high-quality stone resin blend comprised of acrylic polymers, resin, and pigmented stone ground. The resin is lightweight and has an appearance like a natural stone. The high-quality resin not only makes the SW-105R tough and strong, but it also enhances the bold red color of the tub. And because it is easy to clean, your SW-105R tub will always look its best. 

How Bold do You Want to be? 

The popularity of choosing a modern theme when designing your home is at an all-time high. And why not? With all the advancements in free-standing bathtubs and sinks, along with all the size, design, and color options currently available, this is the perfect time to design and build a modern themed bathroom. And if you want your modern themed bathroom to look better than your neighbors’ bathroom, then choose to be bold, and get yourself a SW-105R freestanding half-egg shaped red bathtub.

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