Install New Sinks to Update Your Bathroom

If you don’t want to change your tub, but want to update your bathroom, then try installing new sinks. Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to update your home with a distinctly new look. There are several ways that you can keep your current bathtub and still update your home with more of a modern styled bathroom. The simplest solution is to update your sinks with a touch of simplicity and beauty.

If you choose to install a countertop, free-standing, or wall-mounted sink, more of your bathroom floor will be exposed. One of the major movements in modern home design is to allow for more of your floor to be seen. When more of your floor is displayed, your bathroom will appear to be larger, which is another major theme in modern home design.

When more of your floor is exposed, the other fixtures in your bathroom, such as your tub or shower, will be enhanced. With the modern home design, you want your fixtures to pop.

Sink fixtures will also make your bathroom stand out more. Like we mentioned above, with modern bathroom design, you want your fixtures to stand out on their own. Wall mounted, countertop, or freestanding sinks will stand out when compared to a built-in bathtub.

If you really want your sink to stand out and be modern, you should consider installing a pedestal or freestanding sink. With pedestal and freestanding sinks, it’s impossible for your sink basin to blend in with the rest of your bathroom. Instead of blending in with the countertop like a traditional vanity sink, the sink basin will be one of the focal points of your bathroom.

If you don’t want to install a freestanding sink and you still want to have a countertop in your bathroom, then you should consider installing a countertop sink. Countertop sinks also stand out more than a traditional vanity sink. The sink basin sits directly on top of the counter. Just like a freestanding sink, the sink basin will not blend in with the countertop.

If you want to have more of a modern themed bathroom and don’t want to get a new bathtub, then you should consider installing either a freestanding sink, a countertop sink, or a wall-mounted sink. If you want the most options available, with the best style designs, then let ADM Bathroom® help you choose the perfect sink for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project.

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