How to Make your Bathroom Modern

DW-210 ADM Bathroom Freestanding Sink and Bathtub

Your definition of modern is probably based on your age.  If you are an older homeowner, you probably like a more contemporary look.  If you are younger, you probably prefer something untraditional that displays more of a sleekness that traditional looks don’t offer.  One of the places where you can dare to be bold and bring out the character of the room is your bathroom.  Most modern bathrooms have many of the same traits.  The lines are bold, the floor stands out, and more than likely, they have a freestanding bathtub. 

There are several things you can do to make your bathroom modern.  However, one of the best ways to give your bathroom a modern appearance is to install a freestanding bathtub.  A freestanding bathtub doesn’t blend in with the room.  It makes all the modern traits of your room stand out even more.  So, what are the best ways to make your bathroom stand out? 

Your Bathtub Choice is Key 

Like most trends, the appearance of your bathroom is cyclical.  What was once thought old and antique is now new and bold. The most important thing that determines if your bathroom is modern or traditional is your bathtub choice. Nothing makes your bathroom more modern than a freestanding bathtub.   

Freestanding bathtubs have recently been brought back from the dead.  What once was thought as old-timey and outdated is now the focal point of most modern bathrooms.  If you choose a standard garden tub that is fixed to the wall, you are not keeping up with the times.  A freestanding bathtub stands out and makes your bathroom a focal point of your modern home.  There is no way for your freestanding bathtub to get lost or overshadowed in your bathroom. Your freestanding bathtub is on display front and center. 

Choose the Correct Tile for Your Floor 

Now that you have decided that a freestanding bathtub is essential to have a modern bathroom, you must look at the tile options for your floor.  There are several things to consider when it comes to picking out the correct tile for your modern bathroom.   

Traditional tile is usually white and the individual tile pieces are large and square.  One of the best things you can do to make your bathroom floor modern is, choose a tile that is darker, or even black.  If you are still set on white, then consider using smaller tiles that shine.   

The darker tile will stand out against your freestanding bathtub perfectly. The darker tile will also give your floor a shine that you can’t get with white tile.  When you have a freestanding bathtub, more of your bathroom floor will be visible than if you have a traditional garden tub. Your floor becomes an integral part of your modern style bathroom. because you can see more of it. 

Light Fixtures and Sinks 

Now that you have your tile and bathtub picked out, the next step in making your bathroom modern is to choose the correct light fixtures and vanity sinks.  When it comes to light fixtures, try to pick out something that goes with your freestanding bathtub.  If you have a silver freestanding bathtub, then choose light fixtures that are also silver. Instead of the classic lighting that goes on top, consider installing lighting that goes on either side of your mirror.   

When selecting your sinks, ditch the standard vanity with cabinets underneath, and go for a freestanding, console, trough, wall mounted, or vessel sink. You can choose a large pedestal sink, or you can go with a console-style that has four legs.  Either way, by ditching the cabinets, you are going to show off more of your floor. 


Having a modern bathroom can make your home stand out to your friends and family.  With all the current options available, there are several different ways you can make your bathroom modern.  It all starts with the choice of your bathtub.  If you want a modern looking bathroom, then you must have a freestanding bathtub.  After you choose your tub, then consider what type of flooring, light fixtures, and sinks to use.  Remember, one of the biggest traits of a modern bathroom is the amount of floor space you can see.  Freestanding bathtubs and sinks will make your bathroom modern. 

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