Comfort Within Your Own Bath - Bench Stool: S-101

 We live in a generation where modern home design is expressed in many different ways.  One of the areas that has seen the most growth is bathroom design. From unique bathtubs, sinks, and even shower accessories, we are becoming more creative with the look we create with our bathroom.  

One of the most common trends in modern bathroom home design is creating more space. Three ways to accomplish creating more space are, installing a freestanding bathtub, a free-standing or wall-mounted sink, and ditching the classic built-in shower for a shower panel. After you create this extra space, you might find that you need an accessory to help with storage, or just need a place to rest. That is where the S-101 Bench Stool from ADM Bathroom® comes in. 

What is the S-101 Bench Stool made of? 

Like most of the other fixtures available at ADM Bathroom®, the S-101 Bench Stool is made from high-quality stone resin. Unlike other types of popular materials, stone resin is built to last, which allows it to be one of the best materials to use in bathroom fixtures 

ADM Bathroom® understands that your bathroom not only needs to look great, but it needs to be functional. That is where stone resin comes in. Stone resin has real stone ground in it. Unlike a solid stone fixture, it is mixed with a resin to improve its strength and durability. Once the ground up stone is mixed with the resin, they are heated, and then poured into a mold. Once it cools and hardens, it becomes one solid piece. That means there will be no spaces or cracks for water to collect and damage your fixture. 

The S-101 Bench Stool is made from 100% stone resin. It can be put anywhere in your bathroom. You can use it as a standalone bench placed beside your free-standing bathtub, or you can even put it in your shower and use is as a place to sit or store your soap and shampoo. 


Like most of the other products from the ADM Bathroom® team, the S-101 Bench Stool is available in two different finishes. You can go with either a Matte White or Glossy White finish. Both will work well in almost any bathroom allowing you to pick the perfect stool to match your bathroom vision. If you require another color, contact our staff for information about customizations. 


The S-101 Bench Stool has a unique curved design that helps you to escape the norm of standard square and circular bathroom fixtures. Not only that, but it is also approximately 17” inches tall to ensure that it is both comfortable and stylish. 

Designing a modern themed bathroom is easier now than it has ever been before. With all the options available, let the experts at ADM Bathroom® help you to pick out the bathroom of your dreams. Once you get all your fixtures picked out, make sure to get a bench stool to either be used for storage or just to add to the overall design of your bathroom.


Were we able to answer your questions? If not, feel free to  contact us  and we will be happy to assist you in whichever way we can!  

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