Benefits of Freestanding Sinks

Lately the popularity of freestanding sinks, also referred to as pedestal sinks, has been increasing. These unique sinks stand out in any bathroom. These sinks are comprised of two pieces, the leg, or pedestal, and the sink basin. They are connected to the wall behind the basin. Unlike standard vanity sinks, the drain and supply pipes must enter the sink from the wall instead of the floor.  

Enhances the Look of Your Floors 

One of the best aspects of a freestanding sink is that it enhances the look of your floors. The pedestal covers a small area, your floors will stand out more than with a standard vanity sink. With the multiple color options, you can pick a color that makes your floors “pop” instead of blending in with the sink like a vanity. The color of most vanity sinks is chosen to blend in with the floors and walls, not to stand out and look different like freestanding sinks. 

Save Space 

The biggest benefit of freestanding sinks over standard vanity sinks is that they allow you to save space. The pedestal base is much smaller than the cabinets in a vanity sink. Freestanding sinks are perfect for smaller bathrooms, half baths, and powder rooms because they are so small. If you have a big bathroom but you want it to look bigger, you can’t beat a freestanding sink. With the space saved from pedestal sinks, you can choose to have larger closets in your bathroom. You aren’t limited by the size of a standard vanity sink. Freestanding sinks give your bathroom an airy look that you can’t get with a bulky vanity sink.  

Gives your Bathroom a Unique Style 

Most people choose freestanding sinks over standard vanity sinks because they want to improve the look of their bathroom. Freestanding sinks have a vintage look that is different than what you get with most standard vanity sinks. They are a great option if you are aiming for a period style appearance for your full bathroom, half bath, or powder room. When you walk into a bathroom with a freestanding sink, it feels like you are stepping back in time. Guests will remember your bathroom or half-bath if you have a pedestal sink. 

Several Different Styles 

When it comes to choosing the right freestanding sink for your full or half bathroom, you have multiple options. You usually don’t have as many options with your standard vanity sinks. The standard vanity sink is bulky and comes with cabinets under the sink basin. With freestanding sinks, you get the option of choosing different designs for not only the pedestal, but the sink basin as well. 

If you want a sink basin that is square with accent curves on the side, so be it. If you want a small sink basin made of stone, you have that option. If you want an all-black pedestal and sink basin, not a problem. Freestanding sinks come in different colors and design options to allow you to add uniqueness to your full or half bathroom. Most freestanding sinks come with engraved lines throughout the pedestal that curve around the bowl. Your standard vanity can’t beat the elegance of a freestanding pedestal sink. 


If you want to make your full, half bath, or powder room stand out, then you should install a freestanding sink. The multiple color and design options allow you to create a unique period look for your bathroom that you can’t get from a vanity sink. If the size of your bathroom is an issue, freestanding sinks are the way to go. Freestanding sinks open-up your bathroom and give it an airy feel. Your floors will look larger and will stand out more than a vanity sink. Is it any wonder why there has been a resurgence in the popularity of freestanding sinks lately?

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