Benefits of Freestanding Bathtubs

Choosing the correct bathtub can make or break the appearance of your bathroom. The increased number of options can make it difficult to choose the right bathtub for your bathroom. If you are remodeling or installing a new bathroom, you might want to consider a freestanding bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs are not only unique in appearance, but they also have several benefits over their standard built-in counterpart. If you want a bathroom that makes a lasting impression on your guests and family members, then you should add a freestanding bathtub to make it truly stand out. 

Gives your Bathroom a Unique Style 

Most people have built-in bathtubs. While there are several options of built-in tubs to choose from, nothing compares to the uniqueness of a freestanding bathtub. You can’t help but notice a freestanding bathtub when you walk into a washroom. It doesn’t seemingly blend in with the rest of the bathroom. It makes a statement. and it says notice me, I am different. 

The Have Multiple Installing Options 

Your standard built-in bathtub usually needs to be installed against the wall of your bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere in your bathroom. If you want your bathtub to be in the middle of your washroom, so be it. Freestanding bathtubs allow you to have that option. 

Makes Your Tile Look Better 

You spent the money to put tile in your bathroom. What better way to show it off than with a freestanding bathtub? With the tub raised off the floor, you will be able to see more of your tile floor. Also, if you choose contrasting colors, your tile floor will stand out against the color of your freestanding bathtub. 

You Have Several Options for Materials 

Have you ever thought it would be fun to have a cast iron tub? What about a bathtub made from stone? With freestanding bathtubs, you have multiple options for choosing the right material for your bathroom. Why not show off that tile floor even more with a black cast iron tub? 

They Come in Several Colors and Designs 

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional built-in tubs is that you are limited in the colors and designs you can choose from for your bathtub. Built-in tubs are usually white or the same color as the surrounding fixtures or walls. With a freestanding bathtub, you aren’t limited by the existing colors of your bathroom. You can choose a bold color that stands out against the colors that are already present in your bathroom.  

Besides the benefit of multiple color options, you also have several choices when it comes time to pick out the design of your tub. You can even choose a clawfoot bathtub that is completely raised off the floor except for its four legs. You don’t have this option with built-in tubs. 

Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger 

Traditional built-in tubs takeaway from the perceived space of your bathroom. You can install a freestanding bathtub away from the wall to make your bathroom look bigger. When you have space on all sides of your bathtub, the appearance of your bathroom looks larger. You also see more of the floor which adds to the increased appearance of your bathroom. 

They are Vintage 

Built-in tubs are common in most bathrooms. When you install a freestanding bathtub, it is as if you are taken back in time. You can relive experiences of tv shows and movies that took place in the past. The right freestanding bathtub can add a level of nostalgia to your bathroom that you can’t get with standard built-in tubs. 


When it comes time to choose a tub for your bathroom, you can’t beat a freestanding bathtub. Not only do they add uniqueness and level of nostalgia that you can’t get with a standard built-in tub, but they also make a statement to friends and family. The multiple designs and colors along with their ability to be installed almost anywhere in your bathroom, make freestanding bathtubs stand out against standard built-in tubs. If you want your bathroom to look larger, you can’t beat a freestanding bathtub. 

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