Benefits of Wall Mounted Sinks

CW-106 ADM Bathroom Countertop Sink

Similar to bathtubs, homeowners now have multiple options when deciding on the design of their bathroom sinks.  You can go with the traditional cabinet and vanity to add some much-needed storage area to your bathroom.  You can choose a freestanding or pedestal sink that displays unique curves and lines that bring out the elegance of your bathroom. This also works well when trying to go for a vintage or period look.  If you really want to show off your floors and add more space to your bathroom you can’t beat a wall mounted sink. 

Saves Space 

The number one benefit of wall mounted sinks over others is the amount of space you save in your bathroom.  A wall mounted sink is installed directly in to into the wall.  There isn’t a pedestal or vanity underneath the sink basin holding it up.  In fact, there isn’t anything except for the drain pipe underneath the basin.  

Wall mounted sinks are great for small bathrooms, half baths, guest baths, or powder rooms.  If you need extra space in your bathroom, you can’t beat a wall mounted sink.  Wall mounted sinks can even be installed in the corner of your bathroom to save even more space.  And because The plumbing is encased in the wall behind the sink so you can use the extra space for anything you want.  You can put a basket full of towels underneath the basin, or even store a small stool for children who need to be able to reach the sink to wash their hands. 


Wall mounted sinks come in a variety of styles.  Your  The options are almost limitless.  Because of these options, It is easy to pick out the correct sink basin to fit the style of your bathroom.  You can go with a white porcelain basin that helps you create a more traditional look, or you can go with an ultra-modern all-glass sink basin.  Because You don’t have to worry about a pedestal or cabinets because, you only need to concern yourself with how the basin itself matches the style of your bathroom.  Instead of dominating your bathroom like traditional vanity sinks, wall mounted sinks add an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the entire room.  Wall mounted sinks blend in with the décor instead of dominating it with bulky cabinets. 

Easy to Clean 

Another benefit of a wall mounted sinks is the ease of cleaning them and the floor underneath.  With a traditional vanity or pedestal sink, you must clean around the base.  Not so much with a wall mounted sink.  Because there is With nothing underneath the basin, it is easy to clean the underside of the sink as well as the floor.  If you live in a messy household with kids or pets, a wall mounted sink might be the perfect choice to make cleaning your bathroom easier.  If When water from your sink spills on the floor you can easily use a dry mop or towel to wipe it up. 

Enhance the Look of Your Floors 

You have several options when deciding on the type of floor you want to use in your bathroom.  Unfortunately, when you have a traditional vanity sink you can hide or take away from the appearance of your floor.  Bulky vanities require more floor space than wall mounted sinks.  With wall mounted sinks this floor space is not covered up and can be used to enhance the look of your bathroom.  Why not Choose to show off your bathroom floor by installing a wall mounted sink. 


The popularity of wall mounted sinks has steadily increased over the past few decades.  The numerous styles and advancements in production designs have added to their popularity.  Wall mounted sinks not only add to the décor of your bathroom, they also increase the appearance of extra space.  Because they take up less space, they are perfect for smaller bathrooms and half baths or powder rooms.  If you want an easy sink to clean, that enhances the overall appearance of your bathroom, then consider installing a wall mounted sink. 

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