Are Freestanding Sinks Worth the Price?

are freestanding sinks worth the price

Are Freestanding Sinks Worth the Price?

Despite all the advances in bathroom vanity design over the past decade, nothing quite compares to the look of a freestanding sink. In fact, their popularity is on the rise, especially for use in powder rooms.

Freestanding sinks are perfect for any modern bathroom in your home. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with multiple fixture options. Even though they typically can cost more than a standard vanity, freestanding sinks are more than worth their price.

Tons of Design Options

Your bathroom reflects your taste. Just like your taste, your bathroom is unique to you and only you. You can’t put a price on that.  You should have a unique sink to match because your bathroom is so unique. The numerous design options available for freestanding sinks make it easy to select a sink that will work in any bathroom.

If you are looking for more of a simple and smooth look, something like ADM Bathroom® DW-107 square-shaped freestanding sink would be perfect. It works well in any modern bathroom. Click here for more info on the DW-107. What if you still want something simple and smooth, but you want more curves? Then go for something more like the DW-108. Click here for more info on the DW-108.

One of the things that really makes freestanding sinks worth more than their price is their ability to really be bold and make any bathroom memorable. Do you want to be bold? Choose a bold sink like ADM Bathroom® DW-214 or DW-217. Click here to see the boldness of the DW-214 and here for the DW-217. If you want your bathroom sink to really stand out; you can’t beat the design of ADM Bathroom® oval & layered DW-149. Click here to check out the DW-149.

If you thought there were a ton of design options for your sink, then just wait until you hear about all the faucet and piping options you have. Do you want your faucet to be installed directly into your sink like the DW-153 (Click Here), or do you want your faucet to be installed directly on the wall? Then check out the DW-131 here. You can even install the faucet on the floor like the DW-214 (Click Here).

Great for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom then it can be difficult to optimize your space and find a sink that works with the design of the rest of your home. Don’t let your small guest bathroom negatively affect the impressions people have about your home. Instead, blow them away with a freestanding sink that will make your bathroom look large and elegant. More of the wall in your bathroom is exposed with a freestanding sink, and the room will appear much larger.

High-Quality Construction Material

You pay for what you get, and that applies to freestanding sinks as well. All the freestanding sinks from ADM Bathroom® are made from high-quality stone resin and are molded to perfection. These sinks have a more organic and refined look compared to other sink materials such as cast iron, enameled steel, or porcelain. Stone resin is a blend of acrylic polymers, resin, and stone ground. The durable, yet lightweight material creates a visually appealing appearance, not unlike natural stone.

In addition to its aesthetics, high-quality stone resin is also remarkably durable and will last the life of your bathroom. It is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

So, are Freestanding Sinks Worth the Price?

Freestanding sinks might cost slightly more than other types of sinks. However, they are well worth their price. Not only do you get design options that aren’t available with other types of sinks, but they are strong and will last a long time. Freestanding sinks will more than pay for themselves by the extra value they will add to your home. If you want a great looking modern bathroom, then you consider a freestanding sink.

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