Accessories to Make your Bathroom Complete

When designing your bathroom, it is the attention to details that usually makes the largest impact. Next to the design of your bathtub and sinks, the style of the accessories you choose for your bathroom will dictate the theme of your room. If you really want to make your bathroom complete, then you should pay as much attention to bathroom accessories as you do to the tub, sinks, and toilets.

Counter Tops

Modern is all about maximizing the space in your home. If you want to maximize the space in your bathroom then consider installing countertops instead of vanities. Countertops like ADM Bathroom® AW-101 and AW-102 are unique and modern. You can get them in matte white or glossy white. The AW-101 is a left countertop and the AW-102 is a right countertop. Click here for the AW-101 and here for AW-102.


A contemporary styled cabinet with a simple look can greatly enhance the modern look of your bathroom. The ADM Bathroom® CB series cabinets are a good addition to any modern bathroom. The cabinets are installed directly onto the wall via lag bolts and stainless steel brackets. They are available with a matte white or glossy white top and with black brushed or stainless-steel brushed aluminum panels. Don’t worry about the CB series cabinets fitting in your bathroom. They come in three different sizes to match the needs of your specific bathroom. Click here for the CB-102 and here for the CB-103.


Why do people use mirrors? People use mirrors to make sure they look good. Why shouldn’t your mirror look just as good as you? With ADM Bathroom®, you can choose the perfect mirror to match any style of bathroom. Do you want a round mirror to go with your modern themed bathroom? Then check out the MW-101 here. It comes in a matte white and glossy white finish. If you want to be ultra-fancy, then go with the MW-101A here. The MW-101A comes in a matte white and glossy white finish like the 101, however, it also has an L.E.D. ring to help brighten up your face so you can focus better on shaving or applying makeup.

ADM’s Rectangular MW-102 series comes in a matte white and glossy white finish to match any modern bathroom and all three sizes come with an L.E.D. border that is touch activated. Click here for the MW-102A, here for the MW-102B, and here for the MW-102C.


Want more functional space and want to add a unique design element to your bathroom? Have you ever thought about adding a stool? Not only do they give you a place to sit down before, during, or after your shower, they can be used as extra storage or a soap shelf (best used alongside ADM Bathroom® freestanding bathtubs) in any bathroom.

ADM Bathroom® has several stools to choose from. If you want to be bold, then go with the curves of the S-101 here. If you want a square stool, then choose from the S-103 and the S-104. If you want to add a little bit of chrome, then consider the S-105 the S-106 with a curved seat. Don’t like chrome? Check out the matte black steel frame design of the S-107.

Shower Panels

One of the best ways to make an immediate and easy impact on the functionality and look of your bathroom is to install a shower panel instead of using a traditional showerhead. Shower panels are easy to install (simply hang up and attach to the existing plumbing of your shower), and they look great.

When it comes to modern design, contrasting color patterns are used to enhance the look of your bathroom. And because people want contrasting colors, black and white are the two most popular colors for shower panels. If you want to add a little extra to the design of your bathroom, you can even get a shower panel with a curved design. Click here to see the large selection of shower panels from ADM Bathroom®.

Make your Bathroom Complete

You have your floors, bathtub, and sink all picked out for your bathroom. However, if you want to really make your bathroom complete, then you must choose the correct accessories. No matter what style you want for your bathroom, ADM Bathroom® has all the larger accessories you will ever need.

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