5 Surprising Modern Bathroom Trends

During our years of supplying quality and reliable bathroom products, we have noticed a few trends that are becoming increasingly more popular. Here are five of the more surprising modern bathroom design trends that we have come across. Each and every trend listed below can add a unique aspect to your bathroom.

Side Mounted Faucets

If you are tired of having your sink faucet towards the back of your countertop, then you should consider installing a side-mounted faucet. Designers are beginning to stray from the traditional placement of sink faucets and are instead starting to rely on installing side-mounted faucets. This is not only trendy but it can make it easier to turn on your sink and wash your hands.

Uniquely Shaped Vanity Mirrors

Instead of uniform, square, or circle shaped mirrors, designers are deciding to install uniquely shaped mirrors. You can find a variety of mirrors from long, oval, flat, and even multiple small round mirrors. No matter what shape or size, look for these different shaped mirrors to have either bold borders or none at all.

Floating Cabinets

You have probably seen wall-mounted sinks but have you seen floating or wall-mounted cabinets? It turns out that another surprising modern bathroom design trend is to install your cabinets directly into your walls, several feet above the ground. This gives you the appearance that your cabinets are floating above the floor while giving you extra legroom when approaching your sink or vanity.

LED Mirrors

This modern trend is more about practicality rather than style. Designers are shying away from installing lights above or on the sides of vanity mirrors, but rather are installing mirrors that are already equipped with integrated LED lighting. The main advantage is that you can see everything in your mirror extremely well while not having to worry about an accessory light fixture for your bathroom. In addition, you do not need as much surface area on the wall to install these new mirrors.

Wall Mounted Counter Tops

Designers are installing countertops directly into their walls, usually without fixtures underneath, which helps with extra counter space. Some of the wall-mounted countertops have space underneath to hold bathroom supplies like towels or cloths.

Although these are only a few modern trends, you have many unique options to choose from in order to create your perfect bathroom. Feel free to give us a call and speak directly with one of our bathroom specialists for more tips and tricks on how to create a truly special space.

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