All You Need To Know About Freestanding Bathtubs

The hot trend of freestanding bathtubs is spreading like wildfire. Every homemaker wants to have one in their bathroom due to the classy modern look they present. They are getting rid of the old built in ones and reinstating them with these. The decision of selecting a bathtub is never a quick one, thus it should be researched and compared to others.

You have to think about your space, budget, and your needs while selecting the bathtub. Choosing them just because everyone has a freestanding bathtub is definitely a lame excuse. Bathtubs are one of the priciest fixtures for the bathroom, hence you should evaluate before buying them. Do a basic research about free standing bathtub materials; it can save you a lot of trouble later down the line. Here are some points about freestanding bathtubs. Read them and decide for yourself:

Free Standing Tubs

      • Why should you buy them: Freestanding bathtubs look great in the bathroom, giving it a lavish feeling. You will feel like having a spa retreat in your own bathroom, which is less fulfilling with the conventional ones. Moreover, you can decorate an area around the bathtub to make it look more opulent. It is a style statement of the modern era bathroom.

      • What are the materials popular for freestanding tubs: Several materials are used to make these, mostly the ones ideal for any bathtub. Popular materials used for freestanding tubs are stone, acrylic, solid surface, copper, wood, cast iron, and fiberglass. While selecting the material, make sure you are capable of cleaning it and maintaining it well, in addition to assessing the pros and cons.

Curved Bathtub

      • Placement of the freestanding tub: Often people are confused about the placement of the tub in their bathroom. The best place for a freestanding tub is anywhere you want. The beauty about most free standing bathtubs is that they are finished on all sides; this gives you the option of placing the bathtub in any locations with any direction.

       • Buy them carefully: While buying you freestanding bathtub, keep the measurement template handy with you. It will help in getting the right size. Moreover, make sure to measure the largest person using the tub. If you cannot fit in the tub with legs extended, it is of no use. Try to find the most comfortable fit.

Circular Bathtub

      • Be ready with the installation plan: Freestanding bathtubs are extremely easy to install. Simple connect the drain to the rough-in plumbing, secure the bathtub to its installed location, and you are ready for full relaxation. Try to plan the installation according to your bathroom layout before beginning bathtub shopping.

      • Combine bathtub and shower for better use of space: If you want to use the space properly in the bathroom, try to combine shower with tub. Have a look at the various smart modern looking shower head-tub combinations.

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