Traditional to Trendy - Different kinds of Bathroom Sinks

With these new times and needs of society, the basic structure of a bathroom has changed drastically. We have seen everything from a basic enclosure to the luxurious lavish bathroom. Bathroom sinks being an essential part of restrooms functionality and style is given a lot of options. There are different styles of bathroom sinks available which varying to the choice and preference of the person using it. Bowl shaped, basic oval shaped, round, square, freestanding, attached to the wall, countertop sink or under mount are the types of sinks that you can choose from.

There are different types of materials used in making sinks, but which is the perfect one?Let us find out some pros and cons of popular sinks used worldwide.

Vitreous china or porcelain is one of the popular types of sink used in bathrooms worldwide. They are easy to clean and do not develop mold easily. Even though it is popular, the porcelain sink is unable to bear the vigorous pressures. They can easily be chipped or develop cracks if something falls on it. They are also known to be the most fragile of materials used to make bathroom fixtures, i.e. sinks.

Sinks made from tempered glass also look good but they cannot bear weight or pressure like the ceramic ones. They can be shattered into pieces causing serious damage to the restroom and even you. However, due to the classy and chic look of these sinks, they attract the eyes of many homeowners.

Acrylic sinks are very popular in some parts of the world due to the lightweight structure and different shapes available. However, they cannot bear any type of heat. It can be risky to use them if you are habitual of leaving your straightening iron on the sink while styling your hair.

While buying the perfect sink for your bathroom, it is essential to choose them correctly according to your lifestyle. If you are unable to take out enough time for cleaning the bathroom, choose easy to clean options. Secure your sink with a sturdy countertop so that you can distribute the weight of your bathroom essentials without damaging the product. If you are habitual in using heating tools or styling tools, make sure your countertop and sink are high heat resistant.

Also, consider the space in the bathroom, before choosing the sink or the countertop. Some of the sinks require a countertop like vessel sinks or bowl-shaped sinks. They will take up extra space in the bathroom. Apart from this, you must also consider the color of the sink before buying it. Some of the shades look very different even though they are the same color.

Like the different brands of bathroom fixtures, there are also different shades of white. Therefore, try to match the color of the sink with your tile, wall, countertop, and bathtub to maintain the theme. Apart from this, you can also take help from a professional designer to help remodel your bathroom.

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